16 Beauty Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

Make sure you look your best by staying away from these beauty don'ts!

Read our examples of some of the biggest beauty mishaps a bride can make.

Photo: Parker J Pfister Photographer

A bride’s beauty routine for her hair, makeup, and skincare is an important part leading up to the wedding day. Too many save these decisions and preparations for the last minute, leading to an incomplete look that doesn’t complement the beautiful dress and stunning décor. Even if you’re not a makeup aficionado in your day-to-day life, you still want to look your best at your nuptials. That’s why it’s crucial to know what to avoid doing, rather than only reading tips on what you should do. After all, everyone is different, but there are definitely mistakes that won’t help anyone.

bridal beauty mistakes to avoid

Photo by Heather Rowland Photography & Thisbe Grace Photography; Planning & Design by Jordan Payne Events

Read our examples of some of the biggest beauty mishaps a bride can make:

- Experimenting with a new look. You want to be yourself! This goes for hair as well; don’t try an extremely different haircut or color right before the wedding.
- Not doing a makeup trial, as well as being unprepared for it. Bring photos of makeup looks you think would work for you.
- Forgetting to allergy test new skincare products.
- Ignoring body makeup; be sure to blend into your neck and décolletage, and maybe even use a shimmering lotion or powder for your arms and other exposed skin.
- Not using waterproof makeup or a setting spray to keep tears and sweat from ruining your look.  
- Over tanning, whether spray or natural, in the weeks prior to the big day.
- Altering your skincare routine a few days before the wedding, which can cause adverse reactions. Start a revamped routine a few months ahead of time instead.
- Not moisturizing consistently.
- Waxing for the first time right before the wedding, leading to potential discomfort.
- Focusing too much on what’s trendy instead of what highlights your best features.
- Not packing an emergency touch-up kit, including oil-blotting sheets.
- Doing the exact same makeup as your bridesmaids. You want to stand out!
- Picking at blemishes; as tempting as it is, remember that it's harder to cover up scabs.
- Trying crash diets or juice cleanses in the final days before married life, which can zap you of energy and ruin your mood.
- Starting a new workout routine with several months to go. You don't want to be sore at all of your pre-wedding events.
- Not allowing enough time for your hairstylist and makeup artist, or rushing the process, which can lead to a sloppier look that doesn't last the whole day.

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