6 Healthy Habits to Get Into Before Your Wedding

Help your mind, body, and soul before walking down the aisle.

Here are tips that will help you and your spouse feel your best on the wedding day and beyond.

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Not everyone feels the need to lose weight for the wedding – which is great – but it is still always a good idea to maintain healthy habits. What better way to start off your marriage than as your best self? While health is often focused on diet and exercise, it’s equally important to take care of your mind and emotions as well. The below tips will help you and your spouse feel your best on the wedding day and beyond. 

- No crash diets. They may provide short-term solutions if you are trying to lose weight, but it can be damaging for your health, limit your energy, and very likely will not result in long-lasting changes.

- Vary your workouts. If you’re not someone who really loves exercising, it can be very easy to get into a rut. Trying different types of classes can keep things fresh and fun, while also helping guarantee you work out your whole body. 

- Get a full night’s sleep. No matter how much the seating chart is stressing you out, it’s important to have a consistent sleep schedule with at least a full eight hours each night. 

- Take a moment. Start practicing meditation, if you don’t already. Making an effort to clear your mind will help with the hectic nature of planning a wedding. There are multiple apps to help guide you, while larger cities even have studios that offer classes on meditation. 

- Work on clean eating. To help avoid the temptation of the drive-through, use meal prepping to make healthy, green-heavy meals be convenient. Cooking together with your beloved will make it feel like a joint effort and give you both time to spend together without worrying about the details of your upcoming nuptials.

- Consider couple’s therapy. Being your best self includes focusing on your relationship. Pre-marital counseling will help you both start your marriage on the right foot.

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