The Top 7 Ways to Prep Your Skin Before the Wedding

Skincare experts offer their tips for brides.

Even if you’re not partaking in “shedding for the wedding” (trying to lose weight before the big day), there is one aspect of beauty preparation everyone should embrace – skincare!

Photo: Ahava Studios

Most people want to look their best on their wedding day. That’s why shopping for a bridal gown can sometimes be an arduous process, as well as why hair and makeup trials are so important. Even if you’re not partaking in “shedding for the wedding” (trying to lose weight before the big day), there is one aspect of beauty preparation everyone should embrace – skincare!

The team from HelloAva, which is the first online beauty chat-bot offering personalized skincare product recommendations, put together a list of their seven best ways to prep your skin before you walk down the aisle.

best skincare tips for brides before the wedding

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Read their tips below!

1. Don't hesitate to start prepping early.
If you leave it all until the last minute, your skin will not have enough time to see significant changes or improvements. We suggest getting an organic facial about once a month for around four to six months before the big day to give your skin consistent TLC and lead to that wedding glow!

2. If it ain’t broke, don't fix it! (AKA stop trying new products.)
As beauty junkies, we totally understand the urge to try everything on the market to satisfy your curiosity... However, we suggest trying no new products for at least one month before the wedding to avoid any sensitive skin reactions.

3. Follow the “one day rule” for spray tans.
Thinking about getting a little glow before your big day? No shame in that faux-tan game! We recommend getting your spray one day before the wedding to avoid any fading and patches. For best results, get all waxing taken care of a few days in advance of the spray and be sure to exfoliate and moisturize first.

4. Exfoliation is key.
We recommend using acids or alternative types of exfoliants throughout your wedding prep to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Look for AHAs and BHAs in the ingredients – these are great, without being too harsh on your skin.

5. Extractions? Give your skin a break.
We love some good extractions during a facial and they are great for a deeper cleanse, when done by a professional. However, we recommend holding off on any extractions within a month of the big day to avoid any potential scarring and to allow your skin enough time to heal. 

6. Harness your chi.
Nothing can cause a hormonal breakout like the stress of planning a wedding, but keep in mind that it will all come together and go as planned. We recommend taking a bi-weekly hot yoga class to de-stress the mind and detox the body.

7. You may now kiss the bride!
The lips are often the most overlooked part of skincare and wedding prep. Think of all the beautiful kisses you are about to share with your new spouse, not only on the big day, but also for the rest of your lives! You want your lips to be smooth and supple. We recommend using a fresh lip exfoliator to remove dead skin once a week for up to two months before the wedding as well as applying lip balm to keep them moisturized and nourished. 

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