10 Father-Daughter Dance Songs You'll Both Love

These sweet tunes are guaranteed to put a smile on Dad's face!

10 Father-Daughter Dance Songs You'll Both Love

Photo: Ahava Studios

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Your dad's shining moment at the reception is the father-daughter dance. This is his moment to reflect on how you've grown up and how much he loves you. So the song you choose for this special occasion needs to be one that represents his musical tastes and overall style. In fact, we'd argue that this is one element of the wedding that doesn't need to reflect the bride's personal preferences. While you may love the idea of dancing to Beyoncé's "Daddy," trust us: your dad may not be thrilled to have his once-in-a-lifetime memory backed by Queen Bey!

Instead, choose a song from his favorite singer, musical era, or genre – likely classic rock, jazz standards, or country. The dance will mean that much more to him if it features a song he loves. So, save the indie bands and pop songs for later, and choose something that will give Dad the confidence to get his groove on. We chose 10 songs that are not only sweet and meaningful, but completely Dad-friendly. Take a listen!

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