10 Ideas for Your Wedding Aisle Décor at the Ceremony

Find out how to walk down the aisle in style at your nuptials.

To inspire brides and grooms saying "I do" in a number of various settings, we've combed through some of our favorite real weddings to reveal the types of ceremony aisles that are the most popular amongst our couples.

Photo: Gloria Mesa Photography

When planning the details of the wedding ceremony, couples often envision the types of flowers that will decorate the altar, what kinds of wedding chairs guests will sit on, and – of course – the wedding ceremony service itself. However, one important aspect that may get lost in the shuffle is the wedding aisle decor and ceremony aisle runner. Whether you choose to have an actual ceremony aisle runner, decorate wedding aisles with fresh blooms, or go with a custom design for your wedding aisle decor such as a stage, what you step on as you walk down the aisle during your ceremony processional is an essential part of the decor.

How can I decorate my wedding aisle?

To inspire brides and grooms saying "I do" in a number of various settings – from outdoor wedding events to those needing decoration for wedding church ideas, we've combed through some of our favorite real weddings to reveal the types of wedding aisle decor that are the most popular amongst our couples. There are so many ways to decorate your wedding aisle, but which wedding aisle decor is right for your celebration?

Many couples choose to go with a classic white ceremony aisle runner while others personalize a wedding aisle with their monogram, and other pairs choose to not have an aisle runner at all, but rather line the ceremony aisle with flower arrangements, mason jars, lanterns, candles in hurricane vases, or other wedding aisle decorations that fit their wedding theme. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your ceremony, the wedding aisle decor is certainly a necessary component to consider since it will be beneath you on two of the most important walks of your life – the first as you walk down the aisle to meet your partner and the second as you both walk up the aisle as newlyweds.

For aisle decor wedding inspiration, take a look at 10 ways to decorate your ceremony aisle below! For more ideas, be sure to click on the links beneath each image to see additional details from these events!

1. Personalized Aisle Runner

wedding ceremony aisle runner by the original runner company wedding ideas

If you and your beloved choose to have an indoor ceremony, many couples also hosting indoor celebrations choose to include a wedding runner. Instead of a simple option, consider personalizing your wedding aisle with your monogram, a hand-painted design, or any look you desire to add a unique decoration to your wedding ceremony. Photo by Kortnee Kate Photography; From Real Wedding: Glitzy & Glamorous Wedding with Black & Gold Palette in Cincinnati

2. Mirror Aisle

wedding ceremony aisle decorations mirror aisle runner new york city

If you have more room in your wedding budget and you hope to create a romantic, unique effect at your ceremony, we love when couples use a mirrored wedding aisle. Not only will the ceremony aisle wow your guests, but it's a great way to help amplify your decor since the aisle decor, flower arrangements, and ceremony decor will all be reflected in the mirror down the length of the aisle. Photo by The Day; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; From Real Wedding: Opulent Destination Wedding at a Luxury Hotel in New York City

3. Light Projections

wedding ceremony aisle decorations mirror decor and light projections

If the flooring at your wedding ceremony venue is solid – like wood, tile, or even a non-patterned carpet – we love the idea of decorating your wedding ceremony with whimsical light projections from above. This is a particularly wonderful choice for ceremonies that may be candlelit or have low lighting, so that the pattern of the wedding aisle will stand out throughout the service. Photo by KingenSmith; From Real Wedding: An Opulent Spring Wedding with Timeless, Elegant Décor in Chicago

4. Raised Stage

wedding ceremony aisle decorations wood raised stage outdoor ceremony

Especially if you're having your outdoor wedding at a private home or estate that requires you to essentially build the venue from the ground up, a raised stage for the ceremony can make a huge impact. Of course, this raised stage is just a base for your wedding aisle, so you'll also need to add aisle decorations, such as flower arrangements, mason jars, lanterns, or additional wedding aisle decor. Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer; From Real Wedding: Bohemian, Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony + Rustic Reception

5. Flower Petals

wedding ceremony aisle decorations white rose petals outdoor ceremony

If your wedding venue allows you to sprinkle the ground with hundreds of flower petals, we absolutely love ceremonies that feature fresh florals as aisle décor. Of course, you can also have flower arrangements along the wedding aisle, but walking on flower petals like a natural red carpet will create such a stunning look for your outdoor wedding aisle decor. Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography; Floral Design by The Hidden Garden; From Real Wedding: Outdoor Jewish Ceremony with White & Green Color Palette in Ojai

6. Swirling Flower Petals

wedding ceremony rooftop new york city skyline rose petals in pattern along aisle

Similar to the aisle from above, a pattern of swirling flower petals along the aisle can create a more modern, opulent look with the same goal in mind: to use more natural decor at your wedding ceremony. Of course, flower petals won't stay in place throughout the ceremony, so make sure your photographer captures photos of your aisle decor before the processional begins to ensure you'll always have memories of this beautiful aisle decor. Photo by Amy Anaiz Photography; From Real Wedding: Rooftop Ceremony + Glam Reception with Chic Blooms in New York City

7. Wood Plank Aisle

wedding ceremony aisle decor monogram on wood plank aisle

Whether you're hosting a rustic wedding or an opulent celebration with wooden accents, a wood-plank aisle creates quite the statement. One of our favorite ways to decorate a wooden aisle is by asking your wedding planner to find an artist who can paint your monogram in one of your wedding color palette in the center of the aisle. Photo by Sarah Kate, Photographer; From Real Wedding: Outdoor Fall Ceremony + Opulent Tented Reception in Dallas, Texas

8. Lace Aisle

wedding ceremony aisle decor laser cut lace decal on aisle outdoor ceremony

If you're having an outdoor bohemian wedding or a romantic indoor soirée with lace details throughout the reception, why not incorporate lace into your ceremony? You can either include a true lace runner, or have a lace pattern painted or vinyl-wrapped on a floor covering that can easily go over grass or any solid surface. Photo by Elizabeth Messina; From Real Wedding: Fairy-Tale Wedding with Enchanted Forest Theme in Santa Barbara

9. Natural Aisle

wedding ceremony aisle decorations natural grass aisle with lanterns and flowers

If you're planning on having a lot of aisle décor at the start of the aisle, along the sides, and at the altar, you can always leave the ceremony aisle free of any decorations to create a more natural look. This can be done outside on a manicured grass lawn, on the sand at a beach wedding, or even at a church to let the beautiful tiles of the sanctuary take the attention of the aisle itself. Decoration – wedding church aisle or not – doesn't have to be placed everywhere – speak with your wedding planner about what will be best for your celebration. Photo by Gloria Mesa Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; From Real Wedding: Romantic & Elegant Dream Designer Wedding in Bel-Air

10. All-White Aisle

wedding ceremony aisle decorations crisp white aisle runner white greenery flowers

If you want to go a completely classic route that will always be in style, walk down the aisle on one single runner in a solid color – like white or any color in your wedding palette – to create an effortlessly elegant look. Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios; Planning & Design by Linda Howard Events; From Real Wedding: Outdoor Jewish Wedding Ceremony + Glam Reception in Beverly Hills

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