9 Special Moments Caught by Wedding Photogs

Our favorite emotions captured on film.

9 Special Moments Caught by Wedding Photogs

Photo: Elizabeth Monge Photography

The final installment of our photography series highlights the special moments that occur throughout the itinerary of your wedding. With the pressure of planning and prepping behind you, it’s time to enjoy the rites of passage you’ve anticipated your entire life: your dad walking you down the aisle, your groom seeing you for the first time, leaving the ceremony holding hands after you’ve said “I do,” and your first dance as husband and wife. Though the events might be scheduled, the reactions and the responses are not. A spontaneous gesture, an unplanned laugh or a secret glance preserved in a photograph will speak volumes long after the event is over, and allow you to treasure the perfection of the day for the rest of your life.

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Elizabeth Monge Photography

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