Pros & Cons: Hosting a Fall Wedding

The perks and drawbacks of planning your big day in September, October, or November.

Pros & Cons: Hosting a Fall Wedding

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As many are aware, planning a big event is all about the timing. After your engagement, one of the first wedding aspects you’ll begin to discuss will be the general timeline between that moment and your big day. Of course, this forces couples to put their finger on their preferred season of marriage. Whether you’ve always dreamed of having a June wedding or you’ve never thought about the date of your nuptials, it’ll finally be time to sit down and figure it out together. Fall wedding dates have gained popularity in recent years, and as we are now entering this beautiful season, we thought we’d put together a list of the pros and cons of hosting an autumn celebration. 


-  The beautiful setting. Fall is often revered as the most gorgeous season: with all of the changing leaves and the color palette seemingly pulled right off the pages of your favorite clothing catalogue. The picturesque atmosphere and calming vibe of the three-month period makes for a perfect setting for your nuptials.

-  The mild weather. Depending on your location, the weather could be categorized as temperate. Because autumn is a transition season, it isn’t known for extreme temperatures like winter and summer might be. You could catch the temperature right in the middle of its journey from quite hot to bitter cold.

-  The lower prices. If you’re looking at a date in later fall – October or November – prices for most wedding vendors drop off significantly. This time span is not considered “peak wedding season,” and so you’re likely to get much better deals on aspects like the venue, catering, and more.


-  The timing. Unfortunately, with the fall comes a plethora of date conflicts. Between kids returning to school in September, Halloween in October, and Thanksgiving in November, autumn is one of the busiest seasons. If you are planning on sending out save-the-date cards, we’d recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

-  The not-so-mild weather. The downside to this being a transition season is the unpredictability of the weather. While it’s true that your date could land at just the right time in the changing temperature, there is also a chance that Mother Nature might surprise you with an inordinately hot or cold day. Do your research for your particular climate to determine if it’s worth the risk.

-  The expected aesthetic. Fall-inspired nuptials are lovely – we at Inside Weddings just adore them. However, they can be a little limiting in terms of general design. Many guests attending a fall ceremony hope to see elements that directly reflect the season, whether it be through the venue, color scheme, flowers, and beyond. You may pigeonhole your big day before you even begin to plan its motif.

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