Dreamy Honeymoon Location Ideas in Canada

Why to consider heading north after your nuptials.

If you’re looking for something new or want to experience a different climate for your honeymoon, consider Canada ! Discover some of the top romantic destinations in Canada to make your trip unique and special.

Photo: Renee Sprink Photography

Honeymoons are often considered a time to go to a far-off location where you might not otherwise travel, but that isn’t always a practical choice. Whether timing, budget, or any reason where a long-haul flight isn’t an option is the problem, sticking to the continent in which you live can be a better plan. However, a domestic honeymoon doesn’t always sound as special as the trip is supposed to be. Mexico can seem like the obvious choice for Americans then, but many people might feel they’ve already “been there, done that” for spring break and other vacations – or a tropical beach honeymoon just isn’t their dream. If you’re looking for something new or want to experience a different climate, consider Canada! Though the country is often thought of its snowy weather, the travel options do beyond ski trips, although that can be a big part of the appeal as well. Discover some of the top romantic destinations in Canada below!

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Photo by ENV Photography 

- Banff National Park. Whether you want a winter wonderland or outdoor adventures, this national park 90 miles west of Calgary offers absolutely stunning views of the mountains and lakes, along with lovely waterfalls and glaciers. 

- Niagara Falls. An old-school take on the honeymoon will show these falls are a classic for a reason. Staying on the Canadian side might feel a little more exotic than New York, and the tourist destination has plenty of activities and luxury properties to enjoy. 

- Yukon & Northwest Territories. These sparsely populated regions of Canada are perfect if you want to just be alone with your new spouse, but the real selling point is that they offer the opportunity to see Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Whitehorse and Yellowknife, their respective capitals, are likely your best bet for romantic lodging. 

- Quebec City. While it might not be the same as Europe, you can get a bit of that French charm with architecture and cobblestoned streets. The blend of French and North American influence makes Quebec a truly unique region. 

- Whistler. If hitting the slopes all day is your idea of a perfect honeymoon, it doesn’t get much better than this mountain town in British Columbia. 

- Vancouver Island. It might not be tropical, but you can still get beaches on this island in Canada’s southwest. Explore vineyards, orchards, and hiking trails before returning to the luxe accommodations of your choice. 

- Fogo Island. This could seem like the east coast version of Vancouver Island, but it’s much more remote, it’s even off the coast of a larger island. After a stressful wedding-planning process, it might be the perfect place to get away from it all. 

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