Why You Should Consider an Engagement-Moon

There are never enough excuses to take a vacation!

A new trend is what is referred to as an “engagement-moon” when affianced sweethearts take a honeymoon-style vacation before the wedding.

Photo: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

As weddings become more personalized, so do honeymoons. What was once considered the first time a married couple would have proper alone time together is now rarely used for that purpose. Today, newlyweds use the opportunity for grand adventures and once-in-a-lifetime vacations, though there have been other trends relating to the honeymoon as well. With demanding work schedules or pressures to host particularly elaborate nuptials, many couples are embracing the idea of a “mini-moon” – or short trip immediately after the wedding – followed by a longer vacation at a later date, often as part of an anniversary celebration. Some even invite friends and family along on their honeymoon, allowing the festivities to continue beyond saying “I do.” It’s also become common for expecting parents to take a “babymoon” for one last trip before the new addition to their family arrives. 

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Photo by Kaylie Plummer Photography

Another newer trend is what is referred to as an “engagement-moon” when affianced sweethearts take a honeymoon-style vacation before the wedding. This usually is not in lieu of a proper post-nuptial honeymoon, but rather as a way to celebrate the engagement or for respite from the stressful planning process. 

If a proposal occurs on vacation, then it is pretty easy to go on an “engagement-moon”! After all, you can just continue on your trip, sometimes even waiting to announce the news until you return home, taking the chance to soak up the moment before sharing with the world. Even if the question is popped at home, it can be lovely and romantic to jet off soon after for an “engagement-moon” before you have to get started on wedding planning. 

Instead of taking a trip soon after becoming engaged, a couple might choose to make their escape towards the end of their engagement, while the wedding day approaches. The planning process is often stressful and can even suck the romance out of getting married, so taking time for just the two of you can help to remind you both why you’re choosing to tie the knot in the first place. If you go this route, we recommend choosing a time where there is a lull in planning, when you aren’t expected to make major decisions or have vendor meetings for a week or so. 

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