While looking at her new roommate’s Facebook pictures one day, Talia Ferreira and her mother noticed a photo of Talia’s new roommate’s brother, Charles Faramo. “That’s the guy… that’s the guy you’re going to marry!” Talia’s mother proclaimed, despite the bride's protestations that he wasn’t her type at all. A few months later, Talia began an internship at the same country club where Charles worked – and it soon became clear that Talia’s mother would be correct in her prediction. “He’s much better looking than he was in the picture,” Talia smiles.

Talia and Charles knew that beach and ballroom weddings were the norm in their home state of Florida, so they opted to give their guests a completely new experience and chose a Tuscan-style estate as their venue. “We wanted something that would make our guests feel like they stepped into another world,” Talia explains. To remain consistent with the European, fairy-tale atmosphere of the estate, they designed the celebration with an earthy, Old-World Italian theme in mind. 

A stone courtyard was decorated with rows of white chairs facing an arch of branches, greenery, and white flowers. Talia and her father arrived at the ceremony in a horse-drawn, Cinderella-inspired carriage, and Talia looked every bit the fairy-tale bride in an off-the-shoulder, fit-and-flare gown with lace sleeves. The couple stood under the arch and recited handwritten vows, and also participated in symbolic traditions such as a sand-pouring and candle-lighting ceremony.

Taking advantage of the beautiful fall Florida weather, guests took their seats for the reception at tables arranged on a grassy lawn under the stars – no tent required. Taupe linens were topped with moss-covered pots filled with herbs, succulents, white roses, decorative cabbage, and broccolini, which guests were encouraged to take home as favors. A wooden dance floor and a sprawling view of rolling hills and a sparkling lake completed the idyllic scene. 

The spectacular night came to an end after plenty of dancing to music from the “Rat Pack” genre, as well as delicious slices of the couple's Mickey Mouse-themed cake. Talia reminds other brides-to-be planning their celebrations that without the groom, there is no marriage – so don’t forget to stay connected with each other throughout the process. “Planning a wedding can be stressful at times, but don’t let that stress into your current relationship,” she advises. “Enjoy this brief moment in time as you plan for the special day that you say, ‘I do!’”