Most couples would be disappointed to have it rain on their wedding day, especially if they were hosting loved ones with a tented reception. Luckily for Emily Johnson and Adam Widman, the downpour only lasted a few minutes and left them with a beautiful double rainbow. “It was our biggest blessing!” exclaims the bride. It just goes to show that you can’t plan every aspect of your celebration – there will always be surprises. Emily and Adam carefully put together their nuptials, with the help of a professional coordinator, over a year and a half engagement. Emily attributes the smooth process to getting a jump on planning: “Doing it little by little, we didn’t feel overwhelmed and actually kind of enjoyed most of it.” The couple is based in Ohio, but the bride hails from Michigan, which made it difficult for her family to be involved in the planning. However, mothers always find a way. “My mom owns a greenhouse so she gave her thoughts on the floral arrangements and centerpieces,” she shares. 

When Emily started volunteering at the athletics communication office at her alma mater, she didn’t plan to meet the man she would share her life with. As fate would have it, that happens to be where Adam worked at The Ohio State University, and it wasn’t long before the pair became a couple. Just before Christmas, they took a winter getaway to their favorite vacation spot in Northern Michigan – though they had always gone in the summer. “We were literally snowed in,” says the bride. “In a matter of three days, there were three to four feet of snow – the most we had ever seen!” On the last night of their trip, walking to dinner in their own winter wonderland with snowflakes falling, Adam got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him. “It was the most beautiful and private engagement. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!” she gushes. 

The entire day was filled with traditional elements and modern designs. Though the bride and groom were wed in a Catholic ceremony, Emily wore a blush dress and had her brother stand as her man of honor. Centerpieces included blossoms in the palest of hues, but the tablescapes also had custom Lucite candelabra, mirrored risers, and clear vases with crystals. Classic white linens had the modern twists of texture. “[We wanted] a luxurious and light feeling while staying contemporary yet elegant,” affirms the bride. This aesthetic was evident from the start, with their unique transparent invitations setting the tone and matching their clear tent. “People said they’d never really seen anything like our invites before!” Emily exclaims. 

The sweethearts knew they wanted to acknowledge the part their university played in their relationship and lives. “Brutus Buckeye, the Ohio State mascot, kept guests busy taking pictures and dancing during cocktail hour,” Emily explains. She and Adam also gave out peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies as favors for their friends and family. As a whole, the reception is definitely where the couple’s personality shined, from a game of cornhole to a great band that had revelers partying until midnight. “To this day, we still get people saying it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding,” admits the bride. Thankfully, she and Adam agree – “It was absolutely perfect.”